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Welcome to Chestnut Class 2021-2022

New Recommended Reading List

Make a Difference Week

We have spent this week exploring the emergency services to tie in with our topic of 'Superheroes' and have found out about some real-life superheroes. We were very surprised to find that the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) are a charity and people need to give them donations so that they can continue their amazing work. We had a Zoom call from Bill who works for the RNLI. He talked to us about water safety and showed us some amazing films of the crew at work which we've had great fun re-enacting on our role play. We decided to make some money for the RNLI. We made and iced boat biscuits with the help of Mrs McKaye, and made posters and flyers so that everyone would come to buy them. They were a great success and of course tasted delicious!

Thank you to everyone who came to our stall. We raised an amazing £26.50 for the RNLI.

Make a Difference Week

Our Harvest service: Chestnut Class performed a song, and we shared a prayer we had written together.

Term 1 Role Play: We have worked together to create an alien spaceship - complete with control panel, log book, headphones and a giant windscreen to spot any planets or space rockets nearby.

Autumn 1: Moon Zoom

This term we are having fun finding out about what it might be like to explore the moon and beyond. So far we have made our very own space station, created aliens, watched videos of astronauts to see what life is like in space and found out about some of the planets in our solar system!

Alien Crash: We had to call Mr John to come and investigate after we spotted something very strange had happened behind our classroom!

SCIENCE: We have been exploring ways to send a message into space - we loved working together to make a light bulb flash to send a signal to our alien!

Chestnut Class 2020-21

Summer 2

Our topic this term is 'Splendid Skies'. We have had great fun finding out about and exploring the weather first hand!

Summer 1: Dinosaur Planet

We have had great fun this term finding out all about dinosaurs and the people who discovered them (Mary Anning) and work to find out more about them (palaeontologists) - we actually met a real one: Chris Jarvis from Oxford Natural History Museum.

We worked together using all this knowledge to make our own dinosaur models and fact files to create an amazing 'Dinosaur Museum' for our parents and siblings to visit. We made sure that there was plenty of space and all the windows and doors were open of course - our museum needed to be Covid safe!

Summer 1: Chestnut Dinosaur Museum

Summer 1: Dinosaur Planet. We had a zoom call with Chris Jarvis, the palaeontologist from Oxford Natural History Museum. We loved asking questions and finding out lots of new & interesting facts - he showed us some amazing fossils!

Spring Term 2: In our RE sessions this term, we have been talking about the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We have been thinking about how we welcome important visitors now and and how Jesus was welcomed then. We made our own palm leaves to wave and learned a special 'Hosanna' song with actions which we performed with gusto in the church for Rev. Tonya. She was very impressed!

Spring Term 2:On Monday 29th March a dance group came to visit. We took part in a dance workshop on Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, in preparation for our English work next term. We had a very creative morning and had lots of fun!

Spring Term 2: Our Science investigation this term is 'Can you build a paper bridge?'. We had great fun exploring the properties of paper before starting our challenge: Can you make a bridge to support one of the three Billy Goats Gruff, using only 4 sheets of paper and sticky tape?

Term 4 Weekly Timetable

Spring Term 1: Animal Enclosures for our Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic - we had lots of fun!

Spring Term 1: Edward's penguin enclosure - with special snow effects!

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Spring Term 1: RSPB Bird Day Thursday 28th January 2021

Autumn Term 2: Lights Camel Action 2 'The Sequin'

Autumn Term 2: Happy Christmas everyone from Chestnut Class

Christmas Reading Challenge

Autumn Term 2: Our Christmas visit to Crudwell Church

Autumn 2: Mr Fox's Party - Mr Fox sent us a special invitation to a woodland party! We went on a hunt for woodland creatures, played woodland games, told woodland stories but best of all, we had a woodland feast!

Autumn 2: Exploring our own 'art in nature' inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Autumn 1: Rio de Vida! A samba band come to visit and brought all their special instruments with them. We had a fabulous time exploring the sounds and rhythms of samba and had fun performing what we had learnt for everyone. We even wore the festival headdresses we had made!

Curriculum Letter Term 1 2020

Exploring Our Wonderful World- Outdoor learning

Welcome back Chestnut Class!

Our topic this term is Rio Da Vida!

Look out for our curriculum information letter.

We are starting our term by exploring our wonderful world by reading 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers.


Summer Reading Ideas

Sports Day

Bug hotels

More home learning!

Miss Dunkley's craft session

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A coronavirus PowerPoint from Millie

A story with Miss Dunkley

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A story with Miss Dunkley - part 2!

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Home learning - week 3

Home learning - week 2

A busy week of home learning!

Dear Chestnut parents,


As you will no doubt be aware, today (Friday 20th March) is the last day school will remain open for most children for the foreseeable future. We have been discussing contingency plans as a staff for some time, and plan to set learning activities for the children during the days and weeks ahead that would have been normal days in school. These will be emailed at 9 each day, and, where possible, should be returned back to me via email ( by 3 each day. I understand that each family's situation will be different, and that some households may be limited in terms of what they can offer their children while the adults still work from home; however, we felt that we wanted to offer what we could in these unprecedented times.

The government has recently expanded on what it means by 'key workers' and 'vulnerable children', and this is available at If you feel that you work as a key worker, and you intend to keep your child at school, you must let the school know by 11am today. As far as we understand from the government's guidance, no children in Chestnut class meet the conditions for 'vulnerable children', but if you feel differently, please speak to Mr John by 11am today.

As things stand, I intend to be available via email between 9 and 12, and 1 and 3 each week day; however, things are changing daily and this may not be tenable if teachers are are expected to work in different ways over the coming weeks. I will keep you updated where possible.

I personally feel very sad that this is happening, but understand fully why it should be the case. I hope that everyone keeps safe, happy and healthy over the coming weeks.

Best wishes,

Mr Kuipers

Our Dr Seuss-themed world book day!

Trip to Bath!

Creating plasticine superhero models

Trip to We The Curious

Term 2


Dear Chestnut parents,


Welcome back! I hope you all had a good half term. I’m writing to let you know that our new topic will be focusing on North America, in particular the Caribbean. We will also have a look at Christopher Columbus and how he compares to Neil Armstrong as an explorer.


This term has a whole lot of different events going on – the trip to We The Curious is coming up quickly, on Wednesday 13th. Thank you to all those who offered help, we have got the right number of helpers now. Parents’ evening will be on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th November, with sign-up sheets available immediately before and after school in the staff room. Reminders for other events will be sent out closer to the time.


There is no forest school at all this term for either year group.PE will be on Wednesday and Thursday, and Year 2s will continue swimming on a Thursday morning.


Amazingly, we’ll begin practising the Christmas play pretty much immediately – this year’s selection is “Lights, Camel, Action!”. Typically, Year 3s get the biggest roles, followed by Year 2s and then Year 1 taking more of a supporting role.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Here’s to a good festive term!


Mr Kuipers

Fun at Forest School!

African drumming!

Term 5 & 6 curriculum letter

Orienteering festival

Chestnut in London!


Chestnut learn circus skills!

To celebrate our Circus topic, Saplings went to see Giffords Circus - what a treat!

Welcome back - 2018-9 academic year

Recommended reading list - How many can you read?

Recommended Books for Chestnut Class.

If you are wondering what books your child could read asan extension to their school practise reader then take a look at The Scottish Book Trust website.

This site gives age appropriate book recommendations as well as book suggestions for particular interests.

For example: Chapter books for emerging readers, books for animal lovers, books about trains, friendship , other cultures and many more 

Lists of Common Exception Words for Year 1 and Year 2 Spelling

KS1 Recommended Book List - How many books have you read?