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Creating plasticine superhero models

Creating plasticine superhero models 1
Creating plasticine superhero models 2
Creating plasticine superhero models 3
Creating plasticine superhero models 4
Creating plasticine superhero models 5
Creating plasticine superhero models 6
Creating plasticine superhero models 7
Creating plasticine superhero models 8
Creating plasticine superhero models 9

Trip to We The Curious

Trip to We The Curious 1
Trip to We The Curious 2
Trip to We The Curious 3
Trip to We The Curious 4
Trip to We The Curious 5
Trip to We The Curious 6
Trip to We The Curious 7
Trip to We The Curious 8
Trip to We The Curious 9
Trip to We The Curious 10
Trip to We The Curious 11
Trip to We The Curious 12
Trip to We The Curious 13

Term 2


Dear Chestnut parents,


Welcome back! I hope you all had a good half term. I’m writing to let you know that our new topic will be focusing on North America, in particular the Caribbean. We will also have a look at Christopher Columbus and how he compares to Neil Armstrong as an explorer.


This term has a whole lot of different events going on – the trip to We The Curious is coming up quickly, on Wednesday 13th. Thank you to all those who offered help, we have got the right number of helpers now. Parents’ evening will be on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th November, with sign-up sheets available immediately before and after school in the staff room. Reminders for other events will be sent out closer to the time.


There is no forest school at all this term for either year group.PE will be on Wednesday and Thursday, and Year 2s will continue swimming on a Thursday morning.


Amazingly, we’ll begin practising the Christmas play pretty much immediately – this year’s selection is “Lights, Camel, Action!”. Typically, Year 3s get the biggest roles, followed by Year 2s and then Year 1 taking more of a supporting role.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Here’s to a good festive term!


Mr Kuipers

Fun at Forest School!

Fun at Forest School! 1
Fun at Forest School! 2
Fun at Forest School! 3
Fun at Forest School! 4
Fun at Forest School! 5
Fun at Forest School! 6
Fun at Forest School! 7
Fun at Forest School! 8
Fun at Forest School! 9

African drumming!

African drumming! 1
African drumming! 2
African drumming! 3

Term 5 & 6 curriculum letter

Orienteering festival

Orienteering festival 1
Orienteering festival 2
Orienteering festival 3
Orienteering festival 4
Orienteering festival 5
Orienteering festival 6
Orienteering festival 7
Orienteering festival 8

Chestnut in London!

Chestnut in London! 1
Chestnut in London! 2
Chestnut in London! 3
Chestnut in London! 4
Chestnut in London! 5
Chestnut in London! 6
Chestnut in London! 7
Chestnut in London! 8
Chestnut in London! 9
Chestnut in London! 10
Chestnut in London! 11
Chestnut in London! 12
Chestnut in London! 13
Chestnut in London! 14
Chestnut in London! 15
Chestnut in London! 16
Chestnut in London! 17
Chestnut in London! 18
Chestnut in London! 19
Chestnut in London! 20
Chestnut in London! 21
Chestnut in London! 22
Chestnut in London! 23
Chestnut in London! 24
Chestnut in London! 25
Chestnut in London! 26
Chestnut in London! 27
Chestnut in London! 28
Chestnut in London! 29
Chestnut in London! 30
Chestnut in London! 31
Chestnut in London! 32
Chestnut in London! 33
Chestnut in London! 34
Chestnut in London! 35
Chestnut in London! 36
Chestnut in London! 37
Chestnut in London! 38
Chestnut in London! 39


Remembrance 1
Remembrance 2
Remembrance 3
Remembrance 4
Remembrance 5
Remembrance 6
Remembrance 7

Chestnut learn circus skills!

Chestnut learn circus skills! 1
Chestnut learn circus skills! 2
Chestnut learn circus skills! 3
Chestnut learn circus skills! 4

To celebrate our Circus topic, Saplings went to see Giffords Circus - what a treat!

To celebrate our Circus topic, Saplings went to see Giffords Circus - what a treat! 1
To celebrate our Circus topic, Saplings went to see Giffords Circus - what a treat! 2
To celebrate our Circus topic, Saplings went to see Giffords Circus - what a treat! 3

Welcome back - 2018-9 academic year

Recommended reading list - How many can you read?

Recommended Books for Chestnut Class.

If you are wondering what books your child could read asan extension to their school practise reader then take a look at The Scottish Book Trust website.

This site gives age appropriate book recommendations as well as book suggestions for particular interests.

For example: Chapter books for emerging readers, books for animal lovers, books about trains, friendship , other cultures and many more 

Lists of Common Exception Words for Year 1 and Year 2 Spelling

KS1 Recommended Book List - How many books have you read?