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We teach phonics using Letters and Sounds.



In Reception children are introduced to reading through a range of reading scheme books, predominately using Oxford Reading Tree (Biff, Chip and Kipper stories). We continue to use a variety of schemes throughout  Years 1 and 2. Our books are colour coded and, as the children become more fluent we introduce non-reading scheme books using a colour coding system. Some children will begin to use non-scheme books in  Year 2. We expect that almost all children will be using non-scheme colour coded books by the end of Year 3. Once your child is a secure reader they will move to 'free' readers, which allows them to make their own reading choice. We provide age appropriate book lists to help your child select books and to encourage them to try a range of writers and genre.


Children are introduced to an online reading selection called Bug Club during Year 2. Almost all children will be reading e-books using Bug Club once they are in Year 3.

Paired reading

Paired reading 1
Paired reading 2