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Welcome to the Public Governors' Page

Crudwell Church of England School’s Governing Body oversees and supports the school to ensure it delivers a good quality education for all its children. Together with Mr John, who is responsible for the day to day management of the school, school governors help the school to set high aims when planning for the future and high targets for school improvement.

The Governing Body meets as a full board six times a year and also in committees which are currently Curriculum and Standards, Resources and Staffing. Each governor is linked to a specific subject area of the curriculum.  Individual governors also monitor each of the various strands of the school’s annual improvement plan, which is reviewed and set for the following academic year each summer by staff and the governing body.

In May 2016 we were awarded the Governor Mark Award. Governor Mark is an accreditation scheme that provides external evaluation of the quality of governance in a school. We are very proud to have achieved this national recognition and continue to strive to do our best for the school.


Governor Photos and Information


Leon Horton, Chair & Parent Governor

Serves on Resources, Staffing, Curriculum and Standards committees and heads the Strategic Leadership Group.

Pecuniary Interests: Child at the school. 

I have been a governor for six years and was elected Chair of Governors in 2019.  I have one child at the school, the other in secondary school.  My wife and I moved to Crudwell in 2005 and wanted to give something back to the community.  Being a governor is extremely rewarding and very varied, I can be discussing the strategic direction of the school one day and serving the children their Christmas lunch  the next. 

I am a qualified accountant, working in a large global company.  My leadership, finance and commercial skills allow me to oversee the governance of Crudwell school with the aim of driving the school’s overall development strategy.


Gail Stevens, Vice Chair & Parent Governor

Serves on Curriculum and Standards Committee, Strategic leadership group and heads the Staffing Committee.

Pecuniary Interests: Children at the school. 

I have been a governor for three years and was elected Vice-Chair of Governors in 2019.  I have two children at the school, whilst I work as a secondary school maths specialist in one of the Chippenham schools.  Education is something I am passionate about; I firmly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to serve as a governor and gain another perspective on the education sector.  

My experience in education allows me to contribute readily to the governance of Crudwell School, particularly in matters relating to teaching and learning and staffing, with the aim of ensuring quality-first education for all at our school.


Mike Bird, Co-opted Governor

Serves on the Resources Committee.

Pecuniary Interests: None

I became a governor in 2019. I moved to Crudwell in 1983 with my family and both my children attended Crudwell CE Primary School before going onto Malmesbury School and subsequently university.

My background has always been closely allied with education, albeit on the supply side of the industry mainly in the pen, pencil and stationery industries. I have been a Sales and Marketing Director for several well-known companies but am now partially retired, although still working as a consultant.

Having seen my own children have successful careers due to the excellent start provided by Crudwell School I relished the opportunity that I now have more time to give something back to the community as well as the industry that I have been part of for so many years. Hopefully, my background knowledge of the industry and procurement can be of use to the school.


Alan Rice-Smith, Co-opted Governor

Serves on the Staffing Committee

Pecuniary Interests: None

I am a new Governor at the school, appointed end of 2019, but was formerly the Chair of Governors of a very similar C of E Primary School in Hertfordshire.  I have three adult children, the youngest of which will hopefully begin her studies at Cardiff University in September 2020. 

I moved to Crudwell from Hertfordshire with my wife and two daughters in 2019.  We are both retired Metropolitan Police Detective Inspectors.  I am now a voluntary Case Worker with the Royal British Legion, an active Rotarian and member of the Crudwell 24-hour Bike Ride Committee.

I look forward to a long and happy life as a contributor to the development of the school as well as the wider Crudwell community


Charlotte Wix, Co-opted Governor

Heads up Curriculum and Standards Committee

Pecuniary Interests: None

I became a governor in 2019, having  relocated back to the area with my family. I have two young children who love being outside, so moving to Crudwell was an easy decision for me and my husband. 

I have worked in the early years sector for over twenty years and run my own consultancy company – I simply love watching children flourish and develop.  I am very grateful to be appointed as a governor and use some of the skills I have developed over the years.




Kate Smith, Co-opted Governor

Serves on Curriculum and Standards Committee

Pecuniary Interests: Children at the School

I have been a governor since 2018 and have two children at the school. I became a governor shortly after relocating to the area. I was keen to give something back to the school and community that had welcomed me and my family so kindly.  

I have been a Secondary English teacher for fourteenyears including six years as a county advisor. I am passionate about education and ensuring that every child has the opportunity to fulfil their potential in a kind and nurturing environment. 


Rob James, Foundation Governor

Pecuniary Interests: Child at the School

I have recently taken up the role of Foundation Governor and serve on the Resources Committee.

My wife and I, together with our children, Joshua and Abigail, moved to Crudwell in 2019 and were keen to support the local community. The village revolves around its local primary school and when the opportunity arose to be a governor it seemed like the perfect fit. Having the opportunity to get stuck in to support the school is great fun and knowing the work helps enrich the life of children and the local community is a gift. Since my arrival I’ve been really impressed with the children, the passion of the teachers and support staff, and the willingness of the parents to support the school.

If you don’t want to talk school business I’m always open to a good conversation about food or rugby, particularly of the Welsh persuasion.


Ian Churchill, Local Authority Governor

Serves on Resources Committee; Safeguarding, SEND and Inclusion Governor.

Pecuniary Interests: Wife runs an after-school language club.


I became a governor at Crudwell not long after moving to the village – in the last millennium.  All three of my children benefited from a wonderful and broad education at Crudwell School and I continue to be a governor because I think an excellent primary education is the greatest thing a community can give to its children and I wish to play my part in achieving that.


Although I am officially the Local Authority Governor, we are very fortunate at Crudwell that there is no political involvement in the school; I took the role as it was the governor vacancy at the time.  In my professional life I work as a pilot and an instructor in an airline. Although there is some overlap in terms of teaching and learning, I find the education of young children is much more interesting. 


Ben John, Staff Governor

Pecuniary Interests: None

I am very proud to be the Head teacher at Crudwell CE Primary School. No two days are the same here and I love working with such a talented group of people and of course, our amazing pupils.

Living in Purton, I love exploring the Wiltshire countryside with my family, taking long walks and being outdoors. Big fan of reading, cricket, squash and guitar!






Jo Lee, Staff Governor

Serves on the Curriculum and Standards Committee

Pecuniary Interests: None

I am Assistant Head and class teacher at Crudwell CE Primary School where I have worked for eighteen years. Since joining the Senior Leadership Team in 2013, I have been a member of the Governing Body where I serve on the Curriculum and Standards Committee.

I am passionate about teaching and love to see children learn. I dedicate my time to planning fun lessons and providing a safe and happy classroom for my children to flourish.

In my role as Staff Governor, I provide a link between the staff and the governors.





Pictures of the Governors are displayed in the school’s entrance foyer.  Please feel free to approach any of us if you have ideas, questions or thoughts that are relevant for the future development and success of our school - we are always pleased to hear from you.

If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the Clerk, via the school office.


Category Name Appointed by Date Appointed Term End of Term Committees Subject Area Additional Responsibilities Pecuniary Interests
Local Authority Ian Churchill Nominated by the LA, appointed by the Governing Body 08/05/2017 4 years 08/05/2021 Resources Science, PSHE  SEN, AGAT, Child Protection, Inclusion, Online Safety Wife runs an after-school club
Foundation Richenda Milton-Daws Bristol Diocesan Board of Education Awaiting formal appointment 4 years          
Rob James Bristol Diocesan Board of Education 06/01/2020 4 years 06/01/2024 Resources   Governor Mark Children at the school
Staff Ben John By virtue of position as Head teacher 01/09/2019 Whilst in Office   Curriculum & Standards,      
Jo Lee Staff 19/09/2016 4 years 19/09/2020 Curriculum & Standards      
Parent Gail Stevens (Vice-Chair of Governors) Parents 28/11/2019 4 years 28/11/2023 Staffing (Chair), Curriculum & Standards English Looked After Children; Staff Wellbeing; Apprenticeship Children at the school
Leon Horton (Chair of Governors) 03/03/2017 03/03/2021 Resources, Staffing, Curriculum & Standards Art & Design, Design & Technology, Music, Assessment Whistleblowing; Equalities Child at the school
Mark Hills 03/03/2017 03/03/2021 Staffing; Maths Parent Link Child at the school
Resources (Chair)
Co-opted Mike Bird Governing Body 13/05/2019 4 years 13/05/2023 Resources EYFS Vision  
Kate Smith 06/06/2018 06/06/2022 Curriculum & Standards (Chair) Reading; History; Geography Pupil Premium; Attendance Children at the school
Charlotte Wix 05/12/2019 05/12/2023 Curriculum & Standards ICT; Foreign Languages    
Alan Rice-Smith 05/12/2019 05/12/2023 Staffing PE; Healthy Schools    


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